Our investments

Polish Medical Mission Association

Since 1999, the Polish Medical Mission Association has been helping victims of wars, natural disasters, and calamities. It is one of the few Polish non-governmental organizations specializing in medical aid, and its activities are based on the work of medical volunteers: doctors, paramedics, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, and medical analysts.  Its target beneficiaries are primarily vulnerable groups such as women and children under 5, the elderly, the poor, refugees, and persons with disabilities who are deprived of access to medical care. It focuses on where the needs are the greatest. Its assistance is of long-term nature – it brings lasting changes to the communities we support. PMM provides direct medical assistance, carries out professional training for medical staff, builds or equips medical clinics, and runs thematic medical programs such as neonatal care or orthopedic care. It also conducts emergency response actions to help casualties of natural disasters, catastrophes, or political conflicts.

With Valores funding, PMM intends to:

  • scale up its medical personnel  in Poland,
  • increase the number of Ukrainian victims of war who lost their limbs benefitting from PMM’s aid programs,
  • improve financial stability and ensure institutional growth.


Amp Futbol Association, Warsaw

The Amp Futbol Association for the past 10 years has been involved in the promotion and development of amputee football in Poland – football for amputees and people with limb impairments. The mission of the organisation is to remove barriers to access to soccer for people with disabilities and to promote a positive image of people with disabilities through soccer.

The Futbol Plus, one of the main projects, involves the development and promotion of football academies in Poland for children with very different disabilities. The mission of the project is to use soccer, a potent medium in our cultural reality, to change the situation of children with disabilities. To enable all children with disabilities in Poland to play soccer, to realize their passion and to promote a positive image of these children and to strengthen their sense of worth by participating in a valuable, qualitative, and recognizable national football project.

Valores’ support will help in the systemic development of the project, which within a few years will translate into an exponential increase in the number of academies, the number of players and families positively influenced by the project, as well as the recognition and value of the idea behind it.

BORIS – Office for Service to the Movement of Social Initiatives, Warsaw

Boris develops Support Circles in Poland which offer a network of kind, diversified people accompanying a person with an intellectual disability in everyday life to have a direct impact on such persons’ quality of life and maintain their independence outside of institutional care.

The Support Circle model prevents persons with intellectual disabilities from entering into institutional care, enables inclusion into community life, helps establish relationships, supports decision-making and personal development, and cares for their safety and health. Support circles integrate several areas of assistance into one well-functioning community support system, including social support, legal, financial, and housing security, rehabilitation, and reintegration facilities.

Valores financially and non-financially supports the development of over 100 support communities in several cities in Poland, in order to make the circles of support have a wider positive impact on the situation of people with intellectual disabilities in Poland.

Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw, Warsaw

Fundacja Dobrych Inicjatyw (FDI) operates in the field of educational and social support for charges in foster care. The Foundation has developed a unique model of work with children and youth, consisting of proprietary short- and long-term educational and social programs. Their goal is to prepare young people from orphanages to enter adulthood, improve their competences and soft skills, popularize volunteering for youth from institutions and close cooperation with business (transfer of knowledge and know-how to educational programs).

As part of the activities carried out with the support of Valores, FDI aims to:

· Fully implement proprietary programs for at least 15 foster homes with which they cooperate.

· Implement changes in the support provided to foster care institutions and the implementation of developed educational solutions to all institutions in Poland.

Financial and non-financial support from Valores is also intended for the development and implementation of the Foundation’s social impact research system, diversification of income sources and independence from business in making investment decisions.


Fundacja Opiekuńcze Skrzydła Joanny Radziwiłł, Warsaw

Fundacja Opiekuńcze Skrzydła Joanny Radziwiłł runs day homes for children and adolescents at risk of social exclusion. Supported children have numerous deficits in the ​​social, educational and emotional ares, they come from alcoholic and violent families. They remain under the care of the Foundation for an average of 5-7 years. Childcare takes place from Monday to Friday from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. During this time, the children are fed (second breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack), receive help while studying and with homework, and have the opportunity to participate in daily workshops and activities. Children and adolescents gain a warm, safe and friendly home where they can always count on support and help in solving difficulties and problems, learn how to have good, healthy relations with their peers, develop in the social and psychoeducational sphere, and make up for development deficits. During this time, they gain a sense of security, find their strengths, increase their self-esteem, and increase their social and educational skills.

Valores financially and non-financially supports the creation of another six day houses and extending support to a new group of 120 children and adolescents at risk of social exclusion. In addition, Valores helps the Foundation to develop fundraising and communication, and to create new methods of measuring social impact.

Habitat for Humanity Poland, Warszawa

The Habitat for Humanity Poland Foundation is a Christian charity that works to improve the housing conditions of poor people and prevent homelessness. Its activities include:

  • construction and renovation of residential premises, with the support of volunteers and with the use of material donations;
  • pilot implementations of model solutions that increase access to affordable flats of a decent standard;
  • advocacy activities on behalf of and for the benefit of people in a difficult housing situation, aimed at improving the effectiveness of the housing policy.

To date, the Habitat for Humanity Poland Foundation has built 120 apartments and helped 4,000 people in Poland. Established in 1992, it is part of the Habitat for Humanity network of charities operating in over 70 countries on 6 continents.

The Valores Foundation supports Habitat for Humanity in financial and non-financial terms in the development of the Social Rental Agency.

Stowarzyszenie Otwarte Drzwi, Warszawa

The mission of the Association is to prevent social exclusion, take actions to support excluded people and create conditions for their return to society and full rights. The association creates conditions in which the process of support effectively leads people to knowledge, skills, work, and finally – independence. Develops methods and programs of social, rehabilitation and reintegration work that respond to contemporary needs and social problems. The association employs over 125 people, engages volunteers, people of different status and age. The Association is a member of the Polish Disabled Persons Forum, the Federation for Social Reintegration, the Polish EAPN Committee, in the work of which it actively participates.

Financial and non-financial support of the Valores Foundation is intended for the expansion and development of the “House behind the Gate” Mutual Aid Center, which is a center for management, coordination and integration of all activities carried out by the Open Door Association.

Fundacja OCALENIE, Warsaw

Ocalenie Foundation was established in 2011 and provides help for 3,000 refugees and migrants per year.

Poland is not participating in migrant and refugee resettlement and relocation programs. But since many years refugees have been coming to Poland – mostly through the eastern border. Every year about 12,000 persons  seek asylum in Poland. Despite the low number of refugees in Poland, they face discrimination, hate speech, aggression and prejudice every day. They also suffer from typical refugee challenges of past traumas, learning the new country, system and language, assimilation challenges and a lack of support networks. This combination of issues makes life in Poland difficult for migrants seeking to settle here.

To prevent the marginalization of refugees in Poland, Ocalenie Foundation runs help centers for foreigners (counselling, legal, psychological and vocational aid, Polish language courses), educational programs, sports activities, and cultural events. Ocalenie’s approach is a comprehensive one, to help migrant and refugee individuals and families integrate and assimilate and increase their chances of success in Poland.

Valores will provide financial assistance in the form of a three year grant in the aggregate amount of PN 180,000 PLN plus non-financial help for the organizational development of the Foundation. Valores’ support will specifically focus on Ocalenie’s new and innovative “Welcome Home” Program, in which Ocalenie provides access to permanent housing, in addition to its usual integration assistance. The program is addressed to refugee families threatened with homelessness and is based on re-renting apartments to refugee families that are leased by Ocalenie from local Polish residents. The initial plan is to provide housing for 20 families and also to develop a model with guidelines that can be implemented on a larger scale across the country.  In addition, Valores will assist the Foundation with its plans to build a fundraising capacity that will allow it to become ever more independent from public sources.

Exited portfolio

Światło Foundation, Toruń

The goals of the foundation include:

  • Increasing the number of patients in long-term and specialist palliative care/hospice, 
  • Training and improving the skills of medical and administrative personnel in the long-term care unit and hospice,
  • Initiating and supporting innovative solutions in the fields of health care, welfare, and the rehabilitation of  disabled people and their families,
  • Conducting cultural activities with the goal of integrating and supporting the severely ill and disabled. 

Valores Foundation financial and non-financial support is dedicated to the development of a diagnostic platform for patients suffering from severe brain injury.


mali bracia Ubogich, Warsaw

Stowarzyszenie mali bracia Ubogich counteracts marginalization of the elderly people, breaks stereotypes about old age and alerts the society about the difficult situation of elderly people in Poland. The goal of Stowarzyszenie mali bracia Ubogich is to improve the quality of life of older people by preventing their isolation and social alienation.Stowarzyszenie mali bracia Ubogich believes to be a response to the deepening loneliness in society, and in particular the loneliness of older people. The main area of activity is a regular accompanying voluntary service for elderly people in order to fill out the emptiness an d sense of loneliness Stowarzyszenie mali bracia Ubogich also undertakes irregular, ad hoc activities aimed at restoring the dignity of the seniors/mentees.Volunteers of mbU are primarily friends of people living alone, taking care of the state of their mind and mental condition. The volunteers accompany seniors on regular basis (weekly+), talk to them, go for walks, to the theatre, to exhibitions. Also they organize short trips around the city, remember about the seniors’ birthdays or name day and they do not forget about their mentees during Christmas. On average a volunteer spend with her/his mentee around 150 hours per year (i.e. app. 3 hours per week). Valores supports:

  • HQ/central structure enabling future growth
  • Effective structure of regional branches & roll out
  • Building a solid base of regular corporate donors
  • Digital Transformation
  • Professionalisation of budgeting process, KPI allocation and monitoring
  • Long term management of financial surpluses
  • Introduction of a system to measure Organisation’s impact

Twoje Nowe Możliwości Association, Wroclaw

TNM supports young (aged 18-35) and talented people with disabilities, whose intellectual potential enables them to graduate from university and then to perform professional work which requires advanced qualifications.  They include:

  • disabled high school students or graduates planning to start university studies,
  • disabled students,
  • disabled university graduates who need support to enter the labour market.

One of key problems is social exclusion of university graduates, 70% of whom are economically passive after graduating.

Detailed problems:

  • Problems with selecting a suitable university programme,
  • No access to comprehensive information about available education options,
  • Limited independence and social integration,
  • Insufficient preparation of academic staff.

Valores supports:

  • Employment of the Director for Project and Finance Coordination;
  • Development of support for students in the following voivodships: Lower Silesia, West Pomeranian, Lubusz, Opole;
  • Launch of a project addressed to graduates;
  • Development of sales training for academic teachers – whole country;
  • Development of the sale of camp addressed to students – whole country.

Camillian Mission for Social Assistance Foundation, Warsaw

Camillian Mission for Social Assistance Foundation (CMSAF) was created in 2011 and was formally established as a foundation in 2017. It is devoted to help homeless persons; a total of 400 people are assisted each year.

In addition to homelessness, the significant problems facing the persons that receive support from CMSAF include unemployment and lack of professional qualifications, lack of identification documents, legal, housing and health issues, hygiene and food problems, as well as general practical helplessness in life. The estimated number of homeless persons in Warsaw alone is 2,700 while in all of Poland the number totals over 33,000.

The Foundation runs its key programs aimed at assisting victims of homelessness in the vicinity of Warsaw. These include the St Lazarus Welfare Boarding House, which has the capacity for 80 homeless persons and houses some 300 persons annually. The Foundation’s staff and volunteers engage in its Streeworking program to seek out and assist homeless persons in the districts of Włochy, Ochota and Ursus. CMSAF also operates 11 training apartments that currently have the capacity to house 38 homeless persons, where its beneficiaries can obtain longer-term residence to re-establish their lives, become independent and self-sufficient again. Another key program is  the “Piekne Miejsce” social cooperative, which offers business services such as catering, security, renovations and engages homeless persons working there as a way to help its beneficiaries return to the labour market and receive documents confirming their professional experience. CMSAF also is active in advocacy on behalf of the homeless and offers them free legal advice.

Thanks to Valores’ financial and non-financial support  CMSAF will further develop its training apartments program.  An additional 15 places will be offered for homeless persons. The expansion of the training apartments capacity will also allow to host an additional 60 persons each year in the St Lazarus Welfare Boarding House. Valores’ grant will support the program and simultaneously encourage local authorities to finance it in their local areas.


Fundacja POMOST, Zabrze

Pomost Fundation is an organisation that helps addicts and former prisoners after release from prison. They support  them during reentering the society. Pomost provides a half-way home and counseling  services for former prisoners which includes: job search related  issues and behavioral health.

Valores supports the staff and operational costs to achieve a stronger organisational structure and to expand the half-way home and the counseling services for former prisoners.

Fundacja Integracja, Warsaw

Integracja engages people with disabilities into mainstream society and enables their full social and economic integration. This is accomplished by improving the quality of life of people with disabilities, representation and advocacy on their behalf, and changing awareness of both the disabled and the society at large, about the rights of people with disabilities.

Valores supports the staff and operational costs to expand Integracja’s revenue-generating expert activities: digital and building accessibility audits, employer and customer service training and education regarding the engagement with disabled clients and employees. Expert activities address accessibility challenges related to employment and physical barriers for people with all sorts of disabilities

Fundacja Samodzielni Robinsonowie, Warsaw

FSR is building a nationwide system to facilitate young adults’ successful transition from institutional foster care to independent living. It is the only organisation in Poland actively addressing those challenges. FSR designs and implements structured educational programs, engaging social aid institutions and business to increase the number of young people prepared for independence, self-reliance and employment.

Valores supports the staff and operational costs for expanding the Safe Internship Program (a platform for organising and monitoring corporate internships) which has profit-generating potential that can sustain the activities in the long term.

Fundacja Szczęśliwe Dzieciństwo, Lublin

FSD challenges young people to become active, engaged citizens, with a strong value system. FSD offers a two-year intensive, Crown of Polish Education program () for schools, focused on fostering teamwork, engagement and understanding of local communities for a valuable extra-curricular experience.

Valores supports the staff costs related to the expansion of the geographic scope of the Crown of Polish Education beyond the city of Lublin, as well changes in FSD’s relationship with schools making the program more financially self-sustaining.