Valores invests in organisations, who participated (or participate) in the Social Business Accelerator program, implemented in partnership with PSIK. The participants of SBA are sourced through nominations from Valores’ partnering organisations. In the process of selection for SBA Valores is seeking for the following organisations:

  • Tackles important social issue – scale of the problem is important.
  • Offers solution that has a potential to address the problem on a large scale.
  • Has proven track record of work in that field.
  • Proposed solution has been already verified at a small scale or the investee (social organisation) can prove it has a potential to work and scale
  • The organisation has a strong leadership team

Only the very best of SBA participants will qualify for support from Valores based on the following criteria, added to the above:


  • The co-operation within SBA was high-quality, characterized by openness and an ability to deliver results.
  • The organisation must have a well thought-out investment proposal related to a project or organisational development that will enable it to move to the next stage.
  • The organisation has ability to define qualitative and quantitative indicators at the level of results, outcome and envisioned impact related to the mission of the organisation
  • The organisation has quality of leadership able to carry on expansion of the organziation and scaling of its activities.
  • The organisation is striving for financial sustainability and presents ability to learn and to implement long term financial planning and other financial management competences.
  • The organisation is interested and willing to avail from capacity building and competences of high-level professionals.