The goal of Valores is to provide direct financial and non-financial support (social investment) to a small number, carefully selected social organisations that have high potential for scaling their activities and results and eventually achieving high social impact.

Valores invests in social organisations that promise high social impact. The return on social investment is achievement of agreed results. Valores is not expecting financial return on its investment.

Valores approach is charactarised by the following



Multiple years (assumed 3 years) of financial support in the form of donation (grant). It also allows other financial instruments (i.e. debt or loan) depending on the level of development of the organisation.

Multiple years of non-financial support – high level competence from Valores and its partners supporting capacity building and organisational growth of the social organisation.

Regular measurement of impact, level of cooperation, and financial assessment, based on KPI developed together with social organisation.

The offered support is dedicated to the development of the organisation, understood as increasing the effectiveness of implementing organisation’s social mission. Valores, together with the leadership of the social organisation, and with Valores partners, define the organisational challenges and areas of support (intervention). Also, together with the leadership, they define short- and longterm goals and indicators enabling progress measurement.

Valores is addressing its offer towards social organisations, that have been already operational for few years, have proven models of work and encounter critical growth barriers with regards to its organisational or financial capacity.

The application process for Valores is conditioned with earlier participation in the Social Business Accelerator (SBA), that has been realized for three years in partnership with PSIK.