Valores Venture Philanthropy

Creating lasting value.

Valores aims at increasing social impact of non-governmental organisations through offering them tailored financing and non-financial assistance for growth and expansion.
Valores is Poland’s first Venture Philanthropy Fund.

Valores Annual Report

Valores Foundation Annual Report 2022

This annual report presents the key achievements of Valores and its portfolio in 2022. Valores Board and executive team sincerely thank all the social organizations in the Valores portfolio for their hard work and passionate dedication to their social causes. We are proud to partner with the devoted leaders and teams that relentlessly pursue their missions to solve Poland’s social problems. We are particularly impressed with their achievements during the difficult conditions of the continued pandemic in 2022. In addition, we thank all Valores founders, donors, friends, supporters and the SBA mentors for their commitment, goodwill, and readiness to help.

We encourage you to download the report.

Our Founders

People, thanks to whom we can support social organisations in Poland.

How do we work

Non-financial support in the form of practical consultancy with regard to management of the organisation and its further development, e.g. increasing the effectiveness of how the organisation works as well as many others.

PSIK Social Business Accelarator

Mentoring program for non-government organisations (NGO’s).


PSIK Social Business Accelerator