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Recruitment for the 11th edition of the PSIK Social Business Accelerator program

We invite you to the mentoring program of the Polish Association of Capital Investors (PSIK) for social organizations, which offers individual cooperation with the most experienced capital investors operating in Poland.


Information about the 11th edition

The eleventh edition of the program will run from September 2022 to June 2023.

Meetings with the mentor take place at least once a month, their dates are agreed jointly by the mentor and the leader of the organization. Collaboration begins with creating a list of problems and projects they want to work on. Their focus is always on increasing the social impact of the organization. Most of the mentors live in Warsaw, and if possible, we encourage both on-line and in-person meetings. The SBA program does not reimburse travel costs.

During the program, two meetings of all participants of the 11th edition of the program are planned: the opening meeting (September) and the meeting during the edition (February / March). All participants’ meetings are on-line and are obligatory.

The organization’s leaders keep the SBA Program coordinator informed about the progress of the cooperation on an ongoing basis.

Before the end of the 11th edition, the leader and the mentor decide together whether they want to continue cooperation in the next edition.


Recruitment conditions

We encourage organizations to apply to the Program of organizations that meet the general recruitment criteria:

  • The organization deals with an important social problem on a large scale, especially in the areas of: people with physical and intellectual disabilities, youth from orphanages, youth and communities at risk of exclusion, people with refugee experience, migrants, homelessness, social rehabilitation of prisoners, seniors, education of children and adults, poverty-stricken communities, victims of human trafficking, slavery, adolescents and adults with specific health problems (coma, cancer, speech / vision impairment, autism, mental health), civic engagement, entrepreneurship, women’s rights and equality, humanitarian missions, food waste , digital knowledge and technologies, climate and environment, substance abuse, juvenile offenders.
  • The organization works directly with excluded social groups and offers a solution that has the potential to increase the scale of operations.
  • The organization influences or plans to influence social policies in the area it deals with.
  • The organization has plans and ideas for developing its activities and can prove that it has the potential to achieve greater social impact.
  • The organization has a strong and motivated team that runs it.

When recruiting, preference will be given to organizations that meet as many of the specific criteria listed below as possible:

  • The number of beneficiaries of the organization’s activities exceeds 100 people annually.
    At least two members of the management board are actively involved in the activities of the organization.
    At least five of the organisation’s employees work full-time, including at least one member of the management board.
    The organization’s budget in 2021 or 2020 exceeded PLN 500,000.


Leaders of organizations interested in participating in the SBA program, please complete the online application form:


We are waiting for applications by the end of May 8, 2022. In the second stage, we will arrange telephone calls with the leaders of selected organizations, the purpose of which will be to get to know the organization better.


Additional information:

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The Valores Foundation reserves the right not to provide reasons for not enrolling an organization in the SBA.